I’ve passed SharePoint 2010, Configuring (70-667)

​I’m pleased to inform you that I took and passed the 70-667 SharePoint “IT PRO” “MCTS” exam today, scoring 966/1000.

Edit: by “IT PRO” I originally meant to draw a distinction between the admin / dev certifications but  pointed out that this was somewhat misleading. I have corrected to read “MCTS” – cheers James!

For those that have not taken a Microsoft exam before (or recently), you are given a preliminary report which summarises your knowledge of each subject area – this is pretty useful when trying to identify areas for further development. Mine is below:

70-667 Preliminary Results Blurred.jpg

I will be following this up with a study guide for the exam (which is basically my revision notes). Obviously I can’t include any of the questions from the exam as that would violate the NDA I signed – and significantly reduce the value of the certification.

One down, three to go! :-)